15+ Best Free Seo Tools – Increase traffic to your website 2022

15+ Best Free Seo Tools - Increase traffic to your website 2020



15+ Best Free Seo Tools– To rank up any website or blog or to take it to the first page in search engines, it has to do good SEO (search engine optimization). For this, you need some of the best tools that new bloggers have Are not in mind.

In this article, I have talked about free SEO tools that will help you a lot in SEO. These SEO tools are absolutely free of cost. Using these, you can easily optimize your website or blog or blog post of your client. Can do and can find and remove the errors present in the blog.


1: Google Keyword Planner tool


This is a tool in Google ad words with the help of which we can do keyword research, it is basically designed for Advertiser, but anyone can use it to take ideas. If you cannot buy c tools like Ahref So this is the best option for you. It does not give such a good result but still helps you a lot in finding the keyword.

15+ Best Free Seo Tools - Increase traffic to your website 2020

In this, whatever keyword you search, it will tell you how many monthly searches are on this keyword, how much is the competition (high, medium, low), and how much is the topic bids given by the advertiser at least and as much as possible. Along with it, you will show all the keywords very similar to your keyword land; you can choose whatever you want from them.

tip: If you want to crank up the post quickly, always remember such a keyword on which the competition is low because your post will rank on it quickly,


2: Google Analytics


The google analytics tool is very important in Seo, in this information from live traffic of the website to on all traffic is available. What is daily traffic and coming from which country or city, which operating system and which devices are getting more traffic, and how much is the bounce rate, etc.? This is a very advanced tool in which the entire volume of blog traffic can be seen.


15+ Best Free Seo Tools - Increase traffic to your website 2020


3: PageSpeed ​​Insights

With the help of this tool, you can know the page speed of your website is fast or fast. There are many more tools for this, but often among them, the tools are fake. This tool is from Google, and this provides you better results. 


The page is very important in speed SEO. If the page speed of your blog is slow, then your blog will never progress because when a user visits your site, and it takes more time for your page to load, then the user leaves your site. By opening someone else, will increase your bounce rate, and the ranking of your blog will be down. If the page loading speed of your blog is slow, then it is important to increase it.

4: mobile-friendly test tool


With the help of this tool, you can find out whether your site is Mobile-Friendly or not. In today’s era, people use the internet on mobile too, so your site should be responsive so that it appears correctly on mobile devices. Use this tool to make the website responsive.


15+ Best Free Seo Tools - Increase traffic to your website 2020


First, you click on the link, put a link to your website here, and click on run test. In a while, you will get the result show.


5: Siteliner


With the help of this tool, you can check whether duplicate content issues are coming up in your blog or if there is any error in your blog. It will tell you how much the unique content is, according to the percentage, common and How much is duplicate.


Sometimes it happens that even if you do not copy content from anywhere, but 100% write your unique content, then duplicate content issues still arise. The main reason for this is that either the same link has been generated on your site or on one of your topics. Has written more than one post.

First of all, you scan your website in the tool. If there are any errors, then remove them and see if there is too much duplicate content on the site. If not, then you check that which is in the post and why; when you get the answer, then you can solve it easily.


6: Seoquake

Seo quake

This is the best extension tool. Install it in your browser, whatever website you open. It will show you all its SEO reports like backlinks, ranking, Alexa ranking, Facebook like search engines with indexing, and much more.


7: CopyScape


With this, you can know that no one has copied your content, whoever has copied your content, with the help of this tool you will know, if someone has copied, you should report to Google and block it so that your Do not issue duplicate content in the blog.


8: Semrush


This is a very amazing tool. With the help of this, you can see organic search, backlinks, top keywords, ranking, and display advertising of your or competitor’s website. There are many more features available in this, but some features are paid for in this.

9: Penguin


If the traffic of the website suddenly goes down, then it may mean that the algorithm Penguin or panda of google has attacked the site. With the help of this tool, it can be easily detected that there is really a google algorithm attack or some other affair. This tool is connected with Google Analytics.


10: Seo & Website Analysis

Seo & Website Analysis

Seo & Website Analysis is a chrome extension of Woorank, and install it in your browser. Open your or any website, analyze it with the help of this tool. This will give you a complete report of how many SEO scores are out of 100, which are the errors etc.

Dead Link Checker

With the help of this tool, broken links can be checked. Broken links are not good for SEO because whenever the user opens the link, an error of 404 not found. If your blog has broken links, repair it or Remove otherwise, your blog ranking will be down.

12: Domain Authority Checker


Domain Authority Checker

With this, the website authority and page authority of the website can be checked. Understand how much DA PA the site will be so big and popular. Blog sites whose DA PA is good can easily rank up any post.

13: Word Counter


Word Counter

This is too basic to count the word. Its best thing is that it also tells about keyword density, how many percent and how many times you have used your article keywords. Before posting an article, you can know its word and keyword density by pasting your article in it. I use the same tool to write an article. Because if you want to rank your post, then your article should be at least 1500 words.


14: Moony



There are 9 SEO tools available in it.

1: Google Keyword Position Checker

2: spam link checker

3: Check domain age

4: Alexa Rank checker

5: Semrush traffic checker

6: Domain to IP

7: DA PA checker

8: DMOZ directory checker

9: Semrush traffic checker

Google Keyword Position Checker is a tool with the help of which you can check your ranking and competitor’s ranking on any keyword, how many numbers it is showing in google.


First of all, open this tool, enter your keyword, which is targeted in your post, insert the link to your site below and click on Check keyword rank. If your post is in the first 100 results, then it will show you the result.

15: Small SEO Tools


Of all the tools, I like this website the most because there are so many free SEO tools available in it, and some categories of it have been made. In this, see below the list of all tools: –


Small SEO Tools

More 70+ Free SEO Tools


Text Content Tools

1: Plagiarism Checker

2: Article Rewriter

3: Grammar Checker

4: Word Counter

5: Spell Checker

6: MD5 Generator

7: Uppercase To Lowercase

8: Word Combiner

9: Image to Text Converter

10: Translate English To English


Images Editing Tools

1: Reverse Image Search

2: Image Compression

3: Favicon Generator

4: Video to GIF Converter

5: Image Resizer

6: Convert to JPG

7: RGB to Hex

8: Crop Image


Keywords Tools

1: Keyword Position

2: Keywords Density Checker

3: Keywords Suggestions Tool

4: Keyword Research Tool

5: Keyword Competition Tool

6: Related Keywords Finder

7: Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

8: keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool

9: SEO Keyword Competition Analysis

10: Live Keyword Analyzer


BackLink Tools

1: Backlink Checker

2: Backlink Maker

3: Website Link Count Checker

4: Website Broken Link Checker

5: Link Price Calculator

6: Reciprocal Link Checker

7: Website Link Analyzer Tool

8: Broken Backlink Checker

9: Valuable Backlink Checker


Website Management Tools

1: Website SEO Score Checker

2: Google Pagerank Checker

3: Online Ping Website Tool

4: Page Speed Test

5: Website Page Size Checker

6: Website Page Snooper

7: Website Hit Counter

8: XML Sitemap Generator

9: Url Rewriting Tool

10: What is My Screen Resolution

11: Url Encoder-Decoder

12: Open Graph

13: Open Graph Generator

14: Get HTTP Htaccess

15: Redirect Generator Headers

16: WordPress Theme Detector

17: Instant Search Suggestions Tool

18: Website Screenshot Generator

19: Online Virus Scan

20: Mobile-Friendly Test

21: Minify CSS

22: Minify HTML

23: Minify JS

25: URL Shortener


Website Tracking Tools

1: Link Tracker

2: Check Server Status

3: Code to Text Ratio

4: Alexa Rank Comparison

5: Page Comparison

6: Comparison of Search

7: Google Cache Checker

8: Mozrank Checker

9: Page Authority Checker

10: Google Index Checker

11: Alexa Rank Checker

12: Similar Site Checker


Domains Tools

1: Domain Authority Checker

2: Domain Age Checker

3: Domain Name Search



Friends! I hope you have liked this article and these free SEO tools will be very useful for you. If you have liked, then definitely share and comment if you have any questions.

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