How To Create a Terms and Conditions Page For Your Blog/Website

How To Create a Terms and Conditions Page For Your BlogWebsite

 In this post, you will tell how to create a Terms and Conditions page for your Blog/Website, some pages are important for a blog or website, and it is very important to make those pages. A professional blog must have 4 pages, which are (Privacy Policy, Terms, and Condition, About Us, Contact Us). If you want to make your blog professional, then you must make these pages.

Without these pages, you cannot even get the approval of AdSense because it is in the policy of AdSense that you have to make these important pages on your website or blog, so if you want to earn money by getting approval of AdSense for your blog or website. If you do, then you will have to make these pages.

Terms and condition you can write in the page itself, or you can generate online There are many sites to generate online, which allows you to create terms and condition page for free, in terms you create terms and condition in terms feed I will tell you by clicking in the link given below, you can learn to make privacy policy.

How to create a Terms and Condition page for Blog

First of all, you click on Tremsfeed; after clicking, a website will be open; after being open, click in general terms and conditions.

Then click on Start the Terms and Condition generator.

General Information.

1. Click on the website.

2. Click on No.

3. Then click on the Next step.

Business information.

1. Enter the URL of your blog or website

2. Enter the name of your blog

3. select Individual

4. Enter Country Name

5. Then click on the next step


Disclosures information.

1. Select No

2. Select Yes

3. Select No

4. 30 days select

5. Select No

6. Then click on the next step


Download information.

Enter your email and click on Generate My Terms and Condition.

So, friends, this whole way is expected to create Terms and Conditions Page for your blog or website, but you may have understood, but if you have any question, you can ask by commenting.

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