Adsense Alternative In 2020 Best High Paying Networks in 2021

Adsense Alternative In 2020 Best High Paying Networks in 2021

Today we will talk about Google Adsense alternative when we create a blog or website. We want to approve it with Google AdSense and show ads on it to get some online earning, but when Adsense is our blog or Does not approve the website, it seems very bad that all our hard work was wasted.

Because now it is very difficult to take Approval from Adsense, Google’s policy is so hard that it is very difficult to get Approval, I also did not get Approval from Adsense on my blog 2-3 Apart from Google, there are a lot of ad networks that give advertisements for our website or blog.

If something similar has happened to you and you are also looking for a good Ad Network for your website or blog, then today I will tell you about some of the best Adsense alternative networks that I am using myself.


Best High Paying Google Adsense Alternative In 2020 is the best Adsense alternative of Adsense. Bloggers or websites whose AdSense has become Disapprove; should first try This is the Ad Network of Yahoo and Bing and Bing; these programs match your blog’s content. Looks like Ads You can increase the income of your blog website by using Like, Adsense pays at 100 $, but it only gives Approval to an English blog or website, and Your blog should be visited by at least 50000 visitors daily and that too from the US and Canada. Only then will it give you easy Approval.


Bidvertiser is also the best Google Adsense Alternative; it shows all kinds of ads like Text Ads, Banner Ads, etc. From here, you can take payment by Paypal, Wire, or Check if you are 10 $, companies on this network can use your blog or website. She bids to show her AIDS according to traffic.


This is also a very good Ad Network, which gives ads similar to the content of your website or blog, due to which the chance of getting clicked on is very high. Due to this, your earnings are also high but here too a little Approval Hard to find but easily found compared to and Chitika, so if you are not getting Approval from Adsense, then you can try your luck here.


This is such an Ad Network that, under your post, shows content match ads just like your post, that is, you can earn very well from your blog or website by applying its AIDS, you can do it on the website of AIDS AIDS Bhaskar et cetera. Can easily see


You can also place its ads on your blog or website with AdSense; with its ads, you can also put it on the Hindi blog or website; it gives more native aids, so if you are not getting Approval from AdSense or your AdSense is disable. If you missed it, you could make good money from your blog or website using this Ad Network.

Propeller Ads

It is also one of the world’s top ad networks; its 700 million Ads Impression comes every day; it is a CPM Ad Network; here, you do not have to wait for Approval as soon as you add your website is creating an account here. After a while, you get Approval, and you can put its ads on your blog or website very easily; its payout is 100 $, which you can also transfer to your bank account; many bloggers of India use it.

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