How to avoid being a Credit and Debit Card Hack? Know the whole way

You all will know that today’s hackers have become smarter than before, Daily you will get the news of the money being stolen from the bank in newspapers, magazine, television, but why does this happen? Who is responsible for this? How can we protect against hackers? Many more questions will be coming in the mind of all of you, whose answers will be found after reading the post further because today I am going to tell you how you can avoid getting credit or debit card hack.

Hacking is a crime, but still, hackers do it daily. So friends, let us know how to protect yourself from being a credit/debit card hack.

Recently, a news came in to hear that over 32 lakh debit cards details and pins have been stolen all over the country, now you can think that our card details are not safe at all, so we have to adopt some precautions so that hackers can give some Can’t spoil.

Today, I will tell you some tips that if you follow, no matter how big a hacker is, he cannot steal your card details.

Who do you think is the fault of you or the bank in getting the card details stolen? So let me tell you that it is more your fault than the bank’s mistake you have ever made inadvertently. If you rectify these mistakes, then you can save your credit or debit card from being hacked.

The bank always tries to satisy its customer so that more customers can connect with them. The bank never leaks anyone’s card details and stores your details with full security.

So the bank did its work but did you do your job? No, if you also do your work properly, your card details can never reach the hackers and save your credit or debit card from being hacked.

You will know that public places like airports, railway stations are getting free wifi facilities and anyone can do it, we all forget that we are calling hackers in using the free wifi. Is it not?

So I mean that public wifi is not very secure, they can be easily hacked, and your card details can also be stolen. Never use an online transaction or check your bank account while using public wifi. Otherwise, its consequences will be very bad; if you have to do something related to the online transaction or bank account, check on your mobile’s data connection, and you will be safe.

Identifying use Same Password: –

Many people have a habit of keeping the password of all their accounts the same, not to be forgotten. If I tell you the truth, then such people are more at risk than hackers, and their details can be easily stolen. You can install a password manager on your phone; you can store all the passwords; you just have to remember a master password so that no one other than you can open your password manager.

Hide ATM Keypad: –

Nowadays, the hidden camera is increasing, which is very small in size, due to which our attention does not reach its attention. When you enter the ATM pin, then hide the keypad because the hidden camera can record it, and later after knowing the hacker’s pin, you will also know your basic details. So always make a habit that the time keypad should be covered in a puri way while entering the pin.

Never Give Details On Call: –

Some fraud peoples often try to get information from you by telling themselves on behalf of bank staff, bank manager, the insurance company. Let me tell you for your information that never calls the bank, insurance, or any other company and does not ask for details; if such calls come to you, use them because they are fake calls.

Never Use Unsecured Sites: –

From unsecured sites, my mall is now from sites that are not safe and easily hacked. Unsecured sites have an identity that is HTTP in their address bar, whereas HTTPS should be. See the address of the site on which you are paying online; if it starts from HTTP, then it is not safe to pay at all. Any popular online payment / online shopping site you see is HTTPS in front of their domain, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, MobiKwik, snapdeal, etc.


Considering Forget Skimmers: –

The pin can also be stolen by mounting a fake keypad on top of the original keypad or applying a skimmer reading a magnetic strip of the slot card. Skimmer steals your details card on swipe. To avoid the skimmer, check the entire machine thoroughly. If the card reader’s color is different from the machine or it does not fit properly, then do not use that machine.

The machine is always fixed. There is no movement in it; if the card reader is feeling loose, then it means that he has been teased and unsafe. Also, check the keypad of the machine. If it looks too thick, different color, or saggy like the standard keypad, then do not enter the PIN because a fake keypad can be offered on the original keypad.


Use Virtual Cards Online: –

A virtual card is a kind of card that works like a credit/debit card for you. Nowadays, virtual cards have launched many online payment sites such as free charge, oxygen wallet, icici pockets, etc.

For virtual cards, you have to generate these by visiting these sites, and it is safe & free. No one can find your real card details using the virtual card.

So, friends, this post is necessary for all people because we can avoid online card fraud if we follow this post well. I have written this post, keeping in mind the present-day youngsters as youngsters become victims of fraud very quickly. If you all liked our post, then please share it.

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