What is bitcoin? 1 What is the cost of Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin?

What is bitcoin? 1 What is the cost of Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin?

If you are hearing the name of Bitcoin for the first time or you are not able to understand it properly, it is not a matter of Tension, then this article “What is Bitcoin?” Carefully read it. All the confusion will be finished, and it is Bitcoin Digital Currency.

Now you will ask whether it is a currency like a rupee or a dollar?

Yes! Of course, you can neither see nor feel it; that is, you cannot touch it because they are only on the Internet.

So let’s go through more details and know all about Bitcoin.

Know what is BTC, complete information 

As I have already told you, “Bitcoin is a virtual currency” as every country has the same Tarah currency, but you can neither see it nor feel it is stored only and only on the Internet. If you have to do this transaction, i.e., Buy and Sell, then you have to do it on the Internet itself.

Normally, the Government’s currency is monitored by the Government. Still, there is no government control over it because it is open-source, so there is no transaction record, who sent it, and who did not get any details.

When “Satoshi Nakamoto” created Bitcoin in 2008, it had a value of less than the Indian 1 rupee, and today, it is 1 Bitcoin = $ 7893.21, i.e., approximately Indian 514123.91 Rupees.

I hope this would have given you an idea of its value and how much Demand can be expected below. By seeing its Growth Graph Screenshot, you can guess a little; after 2017 in India, its value increase has increased and in the future. Will remain.

You can earn good money by buying and selling this, and if you buy BTC now (Buy), after a few days when the price will increase, you will sell, then you can get good benefits like earning money from Mutual Funds or Share Market. Is.

Talking about Indian currency, 1 Indian Rupee = 100 paise, then in the same way 1 BTC Currency = 100,000,000 Satoshi.

How to make money with bitcoin?

There are many ways available to earn from BTC, but some Jeniuen Method I Point out below so that you can earn money easily.

# 1. You can earn money from Bitcoin Mining.

#2. By selling goods online, you can earn money by taking payment in BTC.

# 3. BTC can earn money by buying and selling, and in my view, it is the best way to earn in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Related Q / A

Answers to Bitcoin-related questions are given from the below details, and if you also have a question, you can comment and ask.

What is the reason for increasing BTC value?

You will know that the price of the thing which increases Demand also starts increasing. That is why its demand is increasing day by day, due to which the BTC value increases.

Can Bitcoin Cost Work?

I do not think that its price will be decreased because the world is going digital, so the chances of a Decrease in Digital Currency are very low.


What is Satoshi?

Satoshi is the smallest amount of Bitcoin as there is 100 paise in 1 Indian Rupee. Similarly, there are 100 Million Satoshi in 1 BTC.


Where can you use Bitcoin?

You can sell BTC and can also use it in online payment or shopping; its uses will increase even more in the future.

Can people from every country use Bitcoin?

Of course, you can not just talk about Desh, from where you can access the Internet, you can use it because it works only on the Internet.


How does Bitcoin Buy and Sell in India?

Talking about Wall India, you will get a lot of websites and apps to buy and sell it; I will do an article post in detail about it so that you can “buy or sell Bitcoin” easily.



This is a kind of cryptocurrency that you cannot touch and cannot see, it is only stored on the Internet, so if you want to buy and sell it, then you have to do it on the Internet itself, it cannot be physical, and on it, Government does not have any control. As of 2 Aug 2019, the limit of 1 bitcoin is 7,49,803.94, so that you can guess how much difference there is between rupees and bitcoin.

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