8 SEO tips for Hindi bloggers Full information in Hindi 2020


8 SEO tips for Hindi bloggers Full information in Hindi 2020


In this article, today we will tell you about some 8 SEO tips, which you can apply in your Hindi blog, double the income from your blog, looking at this, today you have brought some, 8 SEO tips, which you can easily apply in your Hindi blog, you can make more income from the blog, so let’s start.



Whenever we create any blog or website, we have a motive behind it, because nowadays there is no work without purpose.



And that purpose can be anything like you want to earn something from the blog, you want to reach your service through the website, or you want to give some important information to the people. It can be anything.


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We call SEO “Search Engine Optimization”, which works for free, organic, editorial and natural traffic lane on your website through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).




Search engine measures your website for many reasons, and in 8 SEO tips, we improve the reasons that help in bringing traffic to your website.




8 SEO Tips


Title tag


When you write a new post, keep in mind that for the post, you must add high-quality keywords (the keyword with which you want ranking your post) to the title, along with the title at the start of the title. This is Google’s most important SEO factor.




Sometimes it can also happen that you have a problem in keeping the focus keyword in the starting of the title. Nevertheless, I would like to tell you that you must try. Then you can add focus keyword to the title.




In an important thing, you would like to say that never write the focus keyword at the end of the title.




Write A SEO Friendly & Killer Post Title


When we write a new post, then we make a mistake in writing the post title. When writing a new post, the title of the post should be such that the full meaning should match the content keyword within the post and And Search Engine / Readers should understand from the title what will happen inside the post.




And to check which one can give a good rank in the post title search engine, try searching them in different ways. Now, whoever can get you a good rank in Engine, make it your post heading.



Use Of Effective Multimedia


Your article is not perfect optimized just by writing text. Along with this, there should also be images and videos related to the post topic. With this, the readers visiting your blog will spend more time. Which will reduce the blog’s bounce rate and increase the time on page




Bounce Rate: When visitors come to your page, they go back without seeing other pages/posts.




Time on Page: How many pages Visitor opens on your site and how much time they spend.



Research has proved An effective SEO friendly image equals 2000 words. Meaning that a good image can help a lot in reducing the bounce rate of your blog.



Videos are the best way to understand your visitors about a topic in full detail. You can also attract your visitors by making topic foot videos of your blog post. This will allow the visitor to spend more time on your blog.




Together you can upload the videos by making a channel of your blog’s name on youtube. And on that, you can earn good money from Google Adsense and its best alternatives networks.




If a visitor comes to your page from the search engine and comes back as soon as the page is loading, this will hurt the search engine ranking of your blog.




That is why we should try our best that the post should have such effective multimedia contents that will keep the visitors on the page.



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SEO optimize Permalink (Url)


Permalink is the URL of the blog’s post. In the permalink of the page, always write it as short as possible (at least words) with the focus keyword.


Ignore unnecessary looking URLs like techysharif.com/p=12345


Also, don’t keep URLs too big like this: techysharif.com/top-7-seo-tips-hindi-bloggers.


When the search engine crawls a web page, it always focuses more than the first 3-6 words from the permalink of the post. To get the best results in Search Engines, we should place our targeted keywords in the starting words of the permalink.




Search Description


These options are just below the permalink while writing a new post; it should also be used because inside it, we tell the readers what is inside the post. In this, write the target keyword of the post in 20-100 words, because when we share the post on social media, the description of the post appears on it.




Use H1 H2 H3 Heading


You must know the meaning of heading, but do not know what the advantage of heading is. So let me tell you that the title in the search engine also gives the same good result as the title of the post. Do not forget to change the main keyword inside the post to the heading



And use 2-3 heading inside the post. You can show the heading in any colour; you can see inside my post that I have shown the heading in high black colour.




Use internal link


If you are writing a post and if you do not use the link of another related post, then there is a possibility of increasing the bonus rate of your blog, and you and your blog will have to suffer the loss.



Because if you use the link of any other post within the post, then your readers will remain up to 4-5 Page View on your website and the time spent on your website will also increase, then it will benefit you.




Fast loading template and blog design


This is the most important fact for you because if the design of your blog will be good, then an image of your blog will be created in the mind of the people and then the path will be opened for them to come back to the blog again. But along with the design, the opening of the blog should also be fast, for this use the fast loading template theme.




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