Full details of Internet’s feature in 2022 Full Details

Full details of Internet's feature in 2020 Full Details


In this article of our day, we will give you some important information related to the feature of the Internet, if the Internet is closed in today’s era, then about 50% of the population of India, and all the departments, whether government. Whether or not all of the private ones will be nearly finished.

Because in the recent times, we have become so adept of the Internet, that without the Internet, we can never see the future of ourselves and our children, almost all people in their daily uses too – social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, Google etc.) are also very active, and all this runs through the Internet.

In the offices too, all work is done through the Internet itself, so we cannot imagine our present and tomorrow, without the Internet, but do you know what the Internet is and what you do through the Internet? What can you do?

How you can do all the work with the Internet, which you once used to think about, that work cannot be done without going to any of your offices, now that work can also go without you, sitting at home, the help of Internet Can with

So today we will tell you some similar features of the Internet, which you can use in your daily life with the help of mobile or computer, so let’s start.

What is the Internet?

Internet is the largest network of all types of (small, large) computers in the world, which is a remotely connected via telephone lines, a network of Internet networks, Internet is the largest network in the world. All types of networks are connected to it.


Any company does not run it, rather it is an idea, which works on the method of putting the people of the whole world together, to connect any computer to the Internet, you have to apply for its service. is

The computer is connected to the internet service provider’s server through the telephone line. In return, you also have to pay a service charge to the company providing the Internet.


Some basic features of Internet


Whenever we use the Internet, we can make our work very easy through these few items.



If you want to use the Internet, then you must have a browser. Browser is an application that is meant to use the Internet. Whether you are using a mobile or Google chrome for the computer. Computer, Mozilla Firefox are some popular browsers, and UC Web Browser and Opera Mini for mobile are popular browsers.


URL (Uniform Resource Locator):

It is called a Uniform Resource Locator. By using which we can easily open any website.


TCP / IP Protocol (Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol):

This is Protocols; whenever we use the Internet, then these protocols are used.


Search Engine:

If you want any information on the Internet, then you have to use search engines, they give you by searching, Google, Yahoo, Bing are some such search engines.

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Where can you use the Internet?


Online Shopping:

Nowadays everyone is talking about notes, since the 1000 and 500 notes have been closed, since then the offline shopping work done from the market has also stopped to a great extent because people have no money. If shopping is there, then how will it be.


But if you use the Internet and are shopping online. So you will not face any problem. Online shopping has reduced the tension of going to the market and also new notes.


Today you get everything to buy on the Internet. And on online shopping, you also get a very good discount, and there is nothing to worry about it, you need to be a little aware.



Social Networking Sites:

If most use of the Internet is for social media. 99% of people use the Internet for running Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, these people also keep using Twitter and Google.

Social media is also used for this because since android phones, smartphones have become cheap. Everyone has this phone in their hands, just by taking the facility of the Internet inside it, you can create your social media account from anywhere and use it. Can do




Whatever transactions the bank has, all are done through the Internet. As is going on today, there is a problem of depositing and credit, in such a situation, internet banking makes your work very easy. Whether you want to transfer money or withdraw


E-Learning and Education:

Today, using the Internet, we can sit here in India and take education from the University of America, England, Canada etc. Today on the Internet you can find many sites of e-learning. And Youtube is the best tutor, and you get the solution to every problem here.

Even at the national level, you can attend classes online from one city to another.


Benefits of Internet


Save Time And Money:

By using the Internet, we can save a lot of time and money. Today, when we buy anything, we do not have to go to the market for it, we can get anything from online shopping and can also make payment online while sitting at home.

All Information In One Click:

Today, any information is available on our one click. With the help of the Internet, we can know that from which angle you have ATM, and which ATMs have money.

So these were some features which you can use while running the Internet or you can say that you cannot use the Internet without these features. How did you like our article? You can tell us by writing in the comment box below.


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