How to create DoFollow Backlinks? 3 Secret Method 2020

How to create DoFollow Backlinks 3 Secret Method 2020

How to create DoFollow Backlinks? – This post is related to page SEO. In this, I will tell you some magic ways to generate Do-follow backlinks, which will not only enable you to generate thousands of do-follow backlinks, but these backlinks will be 100% natural. For this, you will not need any software or tool. With just a natural way, you can get thousands of backlinks for your blog or website.



To generate the do-follow backlink of your website or blog, you will have to work a little bit once, after your backlinks will be formed, which can go to thousands but also millions. You can generate backlinks to your blog in 3 ways.

1: Blogger template.

2: WordPress themes.

3: WordPress plugin.


A template is a template website, if you look at it, the short description is written below each Template, which is very short at the hand of the on-page SEO and no specific keyword is used in it, but if you blogger on google If you search the Template, you will see it on the first page, although logon will be posted on this keyword very well and they will also have a good on-page SEO, still the website of the Template is on top of them.

The main reason for this is that there are a large number of backlinks that they have created through templates. On this website, other people submit the Template, and they earn great millions of rupees with ease.

It means to say that if you do good link building of your website, the more backlinks you create, the more your website’s DA (Domain Authority), PA (page authority) will increase, and the more your DA, PA will increase, the more your The website will be rank up and every post of yours will come on top in the search engine even if you have not done the on-page SEO of your post correctly.

To get a do-follow backlink through a blogger template, first of all, you have to create a template of your own. I will give it to you in a list of some websites below, and by going to these, you have to submit your Template.

On this website, a number of people come in daily thousands and download the Template of their choice; similarly, people will download your Template on their blog, and you will continue to generate 100% natural backlinks of your website.

If you do not know how to make a template, then do not be prescan, I will tell you a simple method, just you have to spend a little money.

Note: You can add links to your 1 or 2 websites in the footer of your Template, and there is a function of jquery. If you use it, no one will be able to remove your links from the Template.


You have to create a WordPress theme and a plugin. Then you have to publish it on the official website of WordPress, and below is a list of some websites. You visit these and submit your theme and plugin and also share blogger on Facebook and also in all groups of WordPress.





Note: To get the backlink, it is important to add a link to your website in the Template, theme footer, and plugin.

How to make Blogger Template, WordPress theme, and plugin?

If you do not know about web development and you do not know how to make them, you will have to spend some money. First, you go to, and there you order a template, a theme, and a plugin.

Contact the band you are ordering first and tell him that I want to make a theme to make backlinks; you design a nice theme that more and more people like to put in your blog. To send a link to your website to put it in the footer and also put it with the function of jquery k with bolon so that no one can remove the link of my website from the footer, so in just 15-20 $ you can do all three You can get things done so that you can get thousands of following backlinks.

 If you cannot spend money, then I share another simple method to get do-follow backlink free with you is modify a template, a theme to get 100% real do follow backlinks.

If you know a lot of Html, CSS then you can easily modify any template or theme. If you do not know, then learn it is not such a difficult task, but it is very easy. You download some templates and themes from the internet that you like, now you have to modify them, in which you add some features from your side and remove the unnecessary features. Also, modify his design and give him a good design.

Once modified, add your link to its footer. Remember that before the links are present in the footer, you should not remove any of those links, just that you have increased the link in it.

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