How to do Android Mobile Root? Without Computer 2022

How to do Android Mobile Root? Without Computer 2020



How to do Android Mobile Root? If you use Android Mobile, then you will not know about Rooting, then you will now know what Rooting is in Android mobile, why do mobile root, what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing Android Mobile Root? And to know the easy way to root android mobile without a computer, read this post completely.

What is rooting in Android Mobile Phone?


A new OS is inserted by replacing the company’s official OS (Operating System) from Android Mobile, which is modified by the developers’ property, the process to replace the same OS is called rooting.

When you Root your phone, then you are free from the restrictions imposed by the company, and you can use your mobile the way you want and change it according to your wish. If you want to increase your phone’s RAM or if you want, you can Boost your phone’s memory by uninstalling the default apps.

There are apps available on the Play Store from such a lot that cannot be accessed without Root. If you also use these apps, then you will have to Root your phone. You have already known what is a root in Android mobile, now know what the advantages and disadvantages of rooting android mobile are.


Benefits of rooting Android Phone


1. UI Change: Talking about the benefits of Rooted Mobile, you can do whatever you want on your phone. If you have a lot of information about android, then you can change its UI (user interface) and make your mobile look better Can.

2. Access Any apps: There are also apps from the memory that your devices need to be rooted to use. Otherwise, you cannot use these apps; rooted mobile also has the advantage that uses any app in it. You can do it, and you can also install a custom font on your mobile.

3. Ads Free Apps: If we install free apps from the play store, then there are ads show in them, due to which the mobile phone starts hanging, then we can use Ads Free Apps on the rooted device so that we can use ads from Get rid of

4. Boost Your Mobile Phone Memory & Speed: After rooting mobile, you can boost your phone, mobile already has many default apps which we cannot uninstall, but in Rooted mobile, we can install these apps. You can increase the memory of your phone, and with this, the speed of your mobile will also increase. Apart from this, we can also install Custom Rom in our Rooted Phone, by which we get more options.



Disadvantages of rooting Android phone


Talking about the disadvantages of rooting Android Mobile, the first disadvantage is that the warranty of your mobile phone ends because you break the security lock of your phone and go to the root.

While rooting your phone can be dealt, that’s why you have to root the mobile carefully and handle, besides rooting the phone, you will not get any latest OS Verison from the company, you can just install custom OS. No app related to Wallet will work in Rooted Phone.

If you want to root your phone after knowing these advantages and disadvantages, then let me tell you how to root an Android Mobile Phone. You follow these steps carefully.

How to root Android Mobile (without PC)


If you do not have a computer, then you can root your phone from your mobile phone too, for this you will have to download an app, rooting from mobile to mobile is very easy and safe too, so to root your phone, Follow these steps for

Step 1:

First of all, you have to download the Kingo root app on your phone. Click on download below to download king o root.


Step 2:

Once downloaded, install the king root. While installing, you may get a popup message of “Install Blocked” you can click on Setting and enable “Unknown Sources.”


Step 3: 

Once installed, open the king root. A root option will come in the center. Click on it.

Step 4: 

Now, something like this process will start. Your mobile phone will be rooted after being 100% complete.


On rooting from mobile, your phone can also be reb0ot, but there is no question of tension now that your mobile phone has been rooted, then you must have known how easy it is to root from mobile.

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