How to write Seo Friendly Post? Full Details 2020

How to write Seo Friendly Post Full Details 2020

How to write Seo Friendly Post? This point is very important for Seo. Today in this post, I will tell you how to write your blog post-SEO Friendly so that it does not take time to rank your post.

How to write Seo Friendly Post?

Any search engine sees SEO first. The better you write your post. The more visitors will increase to your website, the website in which SEO friendly post is written, that website ranks in all search engines.

It is very important to know how to write SEO Friendly Post for Google AdSense, blogger blog or WordPress website can easily write SEO Friendly Post, and it is very easy to have two parts of writing SEO Friendly Post, so let’s start.

How to write Seo Friendly Post? _Part 1

To write SEO Friendly Post, you have to pay special attention to how to write Seo Friendly Post? For this, you will have to do a little bit of search and settings, which is the first part of SEO. I have told you below all the steps by writing SEO Friendly Post.

If you do not skip any point in any post, if you make a slight mistake, then your post cannot be rank. Post writing is more difficult than making posts SEO friendly, so do not ignore SEO.


# 01 SEO Friendly Keyword Research

To make a post SEO friendly, it is very important for you to do keyword research first. Whenever a blogger writes a post, then it is very important to research its keyword for that post, how many posts you are writing in your blog today. It is very important to know that people are searching in a Search Engine like you are writing a post “How to create backlinks.”

If you are writing a post in this Keyword, and no one searches it in Search Engine, then your post will come in Search Engine, but if you do not do any search, then Visiters will not come in it. But if you are writing a post, “What are Backlinks.”

If you are writing a post in this Keyword and people are searching it, then visitors will definitely come to your post because this keyword is searched in Google or another search engine, so your post index will also be there, and visitors will come in it.

You Google’s free tools for Keyword Research. You can use Google Keyword Planner; here, you will get a good Keyword for your blog.

# 02 Target / Focus Keyword

After searching your Keyword, you have to set a Target Keyword in it. Target Keyword Meaning In which topic you want to bring in the search engine, it is very important to choose the right Target Keyword.

From which any search engine should know in which topic your post has been written. If you see a book or movie, then there is a Keyword in the name of that movie, from which the Audience knows which topic is in the movie. Now I am explaining to you by giving an example. Assume the title of your post.

This is the title of your post, and now you have to select which keyword you want to rank your post with which to rank the post of your website, then it is very simple you have to select the keyword.

And like how to create backlinks, I have thought of writing a post on it. You have to put it everywhere and also use it for the Keyword Help nearby.

And the keyword you have selected is to be set in the title itself, and in the first paragraph of your post, you also have to set your focus keyword.

Which has been searched with the help of your Google Keyword Planner. No user searches for such a long Keyword, so you have to keep in mind that your Keyword is liked by the people so that your website’s post is clicked. This is the Best Formula. Now, you must understand how to write Seo Friendly Post to set keywords.

# 03 SEO Friendly Post Title

Now comes the title of your post. You have to add your target keyword and set the title for your post. It is very important that if your Keyword is not set in your Title, then no search engine will index it. You have to remember that your Keyword and Target Keyword are very important.

So you have to make it more interesting, you have to write your title within 35 to 55 words and remember your space is also counted in it. If you use Blogger, then you have to take special care of it so that the title becomes good.

It is also called an SEO title. What is shown in the search engine, you do not have to set a very long title, which is not shown in the search engine. Above I have given an example, and you have to set the same title. If you work on a WordPress website, then you can take the help of Yoast Plugin. Can.

# 04 SEO Friendly Post URL

To access any post or to be indexed, it needs a correct URL. It is very important to set a good URL for your post. As you will see in my post, what is the URL of this post?

And I am going to tell you below with an example of how the Url or Permalink of your website should be. Which makes your Url SEO friendly. Telling you two URLs so that you understand

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