What is Blogger ? How To Make A Free blog 2020

What is Blogger  How To Make A  Free blog 2020



Friends, in today’s post, we will tell you what is Blogger , you will get complete information about Blogger today, so if you also want to know, then you will definitely read this post from beginning to end.


Nowadays blogger is becoming very famous on the internet, people who are fond of writing online articles and sharing the goods sitting at home are making bloggers, some people make blog only for their grief, and then some to earn from blogger. And many people are earning by writing online articles. To earn from blogger, you have to work on your blog. The blog has to be professional; initially, your blog is fundamental, but when you work hard in the blog, and if you give time to the blog, your blog will become professional.


First of all, you have to make your blog for the blog. The blog will be fundamental in the beginning. After that, you have to make your blog professional, for which you have to add the widget, customize a theme, post pages to your blog.


What is Blogger


Blogger.com is a platform where you can create your own blog or (website) free of cost, upload your data, write the post, share your goods with others, write content, Meaning that, in a way, you can create your entire website without any charges. The thing with the blogger is that you will not have to spend any money anywhere on this.


Blogger is not so difficult for this. You don’t need to have extreme web designing or web development; if you do not design the web too much, you can make a good professional blog with ease.

After creating a blog on Blogger, you have to write a post, which you can also call content, the post you can write on any topic as good as your post, and the better you have written the content in it, the more chances of getting views on your post. After posting in blogger, users can share your post, you can comment on your post on social media site, in blogger you should always post that which you have good information about because users can ask you questions related to that post. Huh.


You can also earn from Blogger.com, and many people are sitting at home, earning a good income from the blogger. To earn in blogger, you have to create an account in Google AdSense. To earn money, you must have good posts in your blog, having pages Should, there should be more views in the blog.


In Blogger, you can write a post on any topic example (computer tips and tricks, blogger, fitness, health, articles, sport). It would help if you had a good understanding of the topic you are writing a post, and you can write the post yourself with your idea. Do not copy from any other blog. This will benefit your blog, and more users will come to your blog, and views will also be increased.


Many more platforms blogger.com to make a blog in which WordPress is very popular, but everything is not free in WordPress. You have to buy hosting in WordPress, and apart from this, many tools and plugins are not free in WordPress when you do not have to buy anything other than hosting or in blogger.com.


A blog needs a domain to create a website, and domain purchase has to be done. Many sites provide the support of the domain—for example (Godaddy).


You don’t need to buy the domain for your blog, you can create your own blog using the blogger’s domain, and you can also approve absence without buying a domain. It does not read anything.


When creating a blog, the blogger appears in your blog’s link, such as www.techysharif.blogspot.com, at the time of making a blog from blogger.com. In this way, a link to the blog will be created.


If you say that your blog’s link is .com, .net .info, then you will have to purchase the domain for this.


There are many sites for making online blogs that provide a platform to create blogs for free. In which Blogger.com and WordPress.com are the best sites that allow you to create free blogs if you want to make a blog for free. So, I will give you the same advice, make a blogger. A blogger is used to create most blogs. In WordPress, you can make a blog for free, but you have to pay somewhere in WordPress after making a blog.


Blog sites list.











Apart from this, there are many more sites which help you to make a blog, but these are the famous sites whose names I have mentioned above.

Today we have learned about the blogger. I hope you have understood what a blogger is? , If you have not understood anything, then you can ask by commenting, in the post of this post, give your opinion in the comment section, you people should read this blog and the post as well, in this blog, you will get related to blogger, internet, computer You will get information.

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