What is Digital Marketing – Full Information 2020

What is Digital Marketing - Full Information 2020


What is Digital Marketing? In today’s modern era, the latest technology has made it very easy for a person to do business and it is very easy to do business and wish money, but for this, it is very important to be talented, now you can do business sitting at home using your talent, and You can generate good income.


Today our topic is related to Digital Marketing, in this I will tell you what Digital Marketing is, how to do Digital Marketing and which is the most used component in Digital. To Read the Complete Article to increase Your Knowlege.


What is Digital Marketing – Full Information 


Digital marketing is also called Internet marketing, web marketing, or online marketing. The business of marketing that is done with the help of the internet using digital devices (Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets) is called Digital marketing.

In this, we promote our products on our website or social media. People from big e-commerce websites such as Alibaba, Amazon, Flipcart, etc. But earn money by selling your products.

Apart from this, promoting your business by creating your website or wishing money by promoting your products on a Facebook page all come in digital marketing. You can also work on it Individually. There are many components of digital marketing. Among them, we talk about some of the most popular components.


1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3: Affiliate Marketing

4: Email Marketing

5: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

6: Content Marketing

What is (SEO) Search engine optimization


SEO basically search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. In order to rank your website and increase traffic from a search engine, SEO is a very big field.

What is (SEM) Search engine marketing


SEM is the full form of search engine marketing, just as SEO is used for traffic lane from a search engine; similarly, SEM is also used for traffic lane from search engine but free from SEO increases traffic from search engine and SEM. Traffic lane is the paid method from search engine.


To do search engine marketing, you have to advertise through google Adword party, through which ad shows in google on your website, which increases your traffic. If you are buying a product on the website, then your sell will also increase. You will have often seen that whenever you search in google, you get to see 1 or 2 ads at the top. This advertisement is called SEM.


What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing makes money by promoting others’ products. From an e-commerce website, Affiliate Program provides that after joining, you have to generate an Affiliate link of their products and share it on your website or social media like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


Now, if any person buys their product from your link, then you get a commission according to the percentage. You have already written a post on affiliate marketing with detail.

What is Email Marketing


Promoting your business through email is called email marketing. Through email marketing, you can increase the traffic to your website. You must have seen that often there is a box of news later on the website to which you subscribe by adding your email, so whenever a new post is published on that website, you get its notification in the inbox, and you own their website from your inbox. You can visit the same way there is a traffic increase on the website.

(SMM) What is Social Media Marketing


Make your brand, product, or your website social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, youtube, etc. But promoting is called social media marketing; social media, especially Facebook, is the best platform for online marketing.


Nowadays, whoever has access to mobile and the internet, uses Facebook. If you do social media marketing, then you will get a great benefit from this.


What is content marketing?


To promote your product in content marketing and to attract buyers, you have to create related content for your product. This content can be in image, text, or even video. Example: If you promote a product of your own, for this, you create an ad type banner and promote it, then it will be called content marketing.

How to do digital marketing


To work in digital marketing, first, choose one component in which you are interested, then learn it well. There is a course on digital marketing, and if you wish, you can learn it completely through this course.


After becoming an expert in digital marketing, you should work in it. You target any one component, and focus full attention on it, work on it with hard work, dedication, and concentration, you will be a success.

I hope you have liked the post. What is Digital Marketing in Hindi, and now you will know what Digital Marketing is and how to work on it? If you have any questions, please comment, like this post, share it on social media,

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