What is Fiverr? How to earn money from this (Full Details) 2020

 What is Fiverr? How to earn money from this – Friends, these questions must have come to your mind sometimes because you must have heard from many people that a lot of money can be made from Fiverr, so in today’s post, I am going to give you complete information about Fiverr. How can you reduce money with this?

What is Fiverr? How to earn money from this (Full Details) 2020


By working on Fiverr, today, thousands of people are losing millions of rupees daily; if you also want to earn money online, read this post from the beginning to the end. In this post, you will get complete information about making money.


The same people who can lose money from Fiverr have any skill; if you have any talent or are an expert in some work, you can earn a lot of money from here very quickly.


What is Fiverr? Let’s know how to make money from this.


Let me tell you that according to Alexa Rank, Fiverr is on 497th number, which is a considerable achievement.


On this website, people from all over the world are connected, this is a platform where millions of people earn money from their talent, but before making an account on it, you should know that you are a concerned bearer of work are expert. Take it and after creating the account, add that banner there.


You can work on Fiverr from a minimum of 5 $ to 100 $; this is an excellent and trusted website of the world, from which you can use your skill to cut a lot of money.


There are two types of people here: those who have to do some work and those who can do that work; when you create your account here, those who have to work will contact you and do their job. You can lose money in return.


You can keep the minimum price of any work here at 5 $. There are 350 rupees for 5 $ Indian rupees; here, you can earn a lot of money by doing as much work as you want in a day.


How to make money from Fiverr? Let’s know


To earn money from here, you get a lot of options, out of which you can choose whatever is your skill, and you can make as much money as you want, below I am telling you a list of some work. I can work on Fiverr.


Here you get a time limit to do any work, but if someone wants you to do something in argent, you can make extra money from him like you can take 6 $ from him instead of 5 $ and He will also give it to you.

You can work as much as you want in a day; there is no limit to wo

rk here; apart from this, if you are an expert in many works, you can earn good money by doing all those tasks.


What can Fiverr do?


You can do anything in Fiverr, whatever comes to you, but all these works are online, and you have to give them by doing online. Check the list of some books below.

Video Editing

Backlink Creates

Article Writing

Email Marketing




Books And Covers Creator


Logo Creator

Photo editing

Banner Ya Advertise Create

Social share


You can create an account according to the work you are an expert at; after some time, you will start getting orders.

You can work on as many categories as possible; the

re is no restriction of any kind, but do the work you can do very well.


How to create a Fiverr account?


First of all, you have to open google from your mobile or computer and search Fiverr there, and you will find Fiverr’s website on the first number; you have to open it; after opening, you will get the option to join, click on it.


After this, you will have 3 options.


Continue Facebook- If you want to connect to Facebook and create an account, click Continue on Facebook.

Continue With Gmail – If you want to create an account by connecting to Gmail, click on Continue With Gmail.


Email: If you want to create an account with Manually Email ID, then Submit Email ID in the box and click on Continue. After clicking on Continue, a new page will open. In which you will get the option of User Name and Password. In which you have to enter the username and password of your choice and click on Join.


After joining, the first page will be Open. In it, you will be telling to do Email Id Verification. So login the email id that you have entered, in which a mail will come from Fiverr.


He will open the mail, in which a link will come from Fiverr, click on it so that your Fiverr Account will become active and Verify.


After the account is open, putting your Sell Post is called Gig. So let’s learn how to make your Selling Post (Gig).


How to make your first Gig on Fiverr?


To make a friend gig, first, you must have written above, click on Become A Seller, then after that; a form will be open, fill that form up like a Puri. And you have to enter your complete information, for example.



Availability: In this, you will get the first option, Full Time or Part Time, in which you have to select Full TIme.


Linked Account: In this, all your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter have to be connected.

Language: In this, you have to select your language.


Skills: Select your skill in this option, that is to tell you about Talent. After that, click on, Yes. After clicking, there will be two more Box Open. In which you have to write your Skills in the first box. What skill do you keep, and in the second box, you have to write your Experience Level. After typing the experience, click on Crear.

Education: In this option, you have to write your education.

Certificate: If you have your Work Experience Certificate, then fill in all its details.

Profile Photo: Upload your photo on the profile here.

In Description- Description, you have to write about Work, which you have to write in 150 words. After doing so much work, click on Continue And Create A Gig.

After doing all this, your Fiverr Account will be ready. Now you must have understood what Fiverr is and how easy it is to create an account. Your Earning Order will start with arrival. You have to add the correct information. For which only your good skill will earn you money.

I hope you liked this post. What is Fiverr – How to earn money from Fiverr. It must have been understood. Stay connected with the site so that you get the information on such good posts first. That’s all for today.

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