What is Google Admob? How to earn money from

What is Google Admob? How to earn money from

Here I am going to tell you what Google AdMob is? Friends today, the whole world is crazy about apps found on Android phones and the android play store. And the topic Google AdMob I am going to talk about today has a direct connection to android apps. So read the full post. If you are giving a blogger or digital marketing service, then believe it will prove to be a very useful post for you.

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a Mobile Advertising Company. The founder of which is Omar Hamoui. Google Admob was launched on 10 April 2006, which Google took over in 2009; that is to say, Google bought Admob.

You must have found this basic information, what is Google AdMob? Now many other questions will be coming to your mind. How does Google Admob work? How can you use Google Admob Blogger or Digital Marketers? How can AdMob give us benefits? We will answer these questions arising in your mind in this post.

Google AdMob Android App Monetization Platform

Yes, you read it right, you have Google Admob android app monetization platform. If you have a website, blog, or youtube channel, then you must have heard the name of Google Adsense. Many of you will also be using Google AdSense, and hopefully, by monetizing your site or youtube channel, you will also be making a good income.


Just like that, you can monetize your android app with the help of Google AdMob.

Will Android App be made? But I am not a developer. Now you can think, this post is of no use to me. Sorry, You don’t have to take tension to make an Android app; there are many such sites where you can create your android app for free, which I will discuss with you in the next post.

Let’s then move on to Google Admob’s story. Through Admob, you can place ads in your android application and earn money.

Why Choose Admob to Monetize Your App?

Powered by Google’s ad technology

Google Admob also works like Google Adsense. That is, the trust of Google, then there is no need to tell anything further.

Cross-platform capability

Admob is used on many cross platforms. They are used in Android and iOS-based apps. Many great apps and game developers use them.

Auto-updates on Google Play

Integration of AdMob with Google Play services that automatically push you for performance improvements of your android apps without any additional SDK changes.

Get paid fast

Admob easily pays you your local currencies without taking any extra transfer charge or currency convert charge.

Free, unlimited analytics with Firebase

You can make your business’s smart decision by linking your Admob App (s) with Firebase. Firebase works like Google Analytics, where you get to see all your android or iOS apps’ insights. Firebase analytics provides all the analytics data from your Android and iOS apps, as you see in google analytics. You can check your earning and revenue reports here.

In this way, I feel that Admob is the best option to generate revenue for mobile-based advertisement. More posts related to the Android app will come very soon where you will be able to create an android app without coding and add ads from Admob.

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