What is PDF? Full Details 2020

What is PDF Full Details 2020


What is a pdf ? The full form of Pdf is Portable Document Format, although it is used in its place it is generally used in more level books, all the books available on the internet are in pdf formate. How to open a pdf, what is the benefit of a pdf, and to know the relevant information related to the pdf in Hindi, read this post muy mal.

What is PDF? Full Details

As I mentioned above, the full form of Pdf is the Portable Document Format. It is basically a file format, just like the .txt of notepad, .xls of excel, Docx of Microsoft word, .png of Image or .jpg is very popular. A similar .pdf is also a file format.

Pdf was developed by Adobe software company in 1991, and any file can be easily stored in pdf, at this time pdf has become very famous, now an important file has to be sent somewhere, then it is sent by compressing it in pdf, The biggest advantage of pdf is that no one has to buy a book now, the party gets it on the internet in pdf format, which we can read by downloading for free.

What are the advantages of the pdf file?


There are advantages to the PDF format. I am mentioning some of them here.


1. By compressing a lot of data in Pdf, you can reduce its size

2. You can open Pdf files on any device like mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

3. Pdf can be password protected.

4. We can also share the pdf file easily

5. Audio, text, link, button, etc., in Pdf format. Can save

6. You can create an ebook in Pdf format. I see the biggest benefit of pdf because I am taking advantage of the ebook itself. Who wants to read the book, downloaded from the internet and started reading, no expense. Neither the tension of light, read in the day or at night, be it light or not, just read the book. No Tention !!!


How to open a pdf file?


You can also open the pdf file on a computer, laptop, or mobile. There are many pdf reader software to open the pdf, which is the most popular Adobe Acrobat Reader. By installing it on your Pc, you can open the pdf file in it. Apart from this, you can also open the Pdf file in a Web Browser. For this, you can drag and drop the file into the browser. In this way, your file will be open in the browser.

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