What is the dark web? How to access Dark Web?2020

What is the dark web How to access Dark Web2020



What is the dark web? Do you know that the internet is limited to 3 parts, one of which is Surface Web and the second is Deep Web and the third is Dark Web, in this article I will talk about all three parts in detail, you heard the name of Dark Web. It Will happen, and maybe you have basic knowledge about it too.

But you also know that you can access or surf on your computer too, but for this, you will have to install a special web browser called tor browser. Now your mind will question what this tor browser is and how to access the dark web from this. So you will get answers to all these questions in this post.

What is Surface Web


Surface Web is what every normal person surfs like Facebook Twitter Instagram google etc. all these are surface websites, apart from this, any website which is indexed in google, yahoo or any other search engine is called the surface web, that means we You can also easily access the throw of search on the surface web.


Every normal person can surf the surface web. Surface Web All Internet is just 5 percent, which means that the internet we use is 5% Percent, 95% of the rest is in Deep Web and Dark Web.


What is the Deep Web?

Deep Web is such a website that it is not a matter of access to everyone. It is specially made for people, Deep Web does not index any search engines, and the website which the search engine does not index is whatever you want it to be. You will not find that search, and you will get any tricks to access Deep Web.

To access the deep web, you should have the specific URL of the website that you want to open, but you will not get the link from anywhere. It contains information of government secret website, bank website or companies, their link. Only those who work in it, it is a simple matter that you have no work in the deep web.

What is the dark web?

Dark Web is a dangerous part of the world of the internet. It is completely illegal. All the works are illegal in it, the people who commit the crime on the dark web, they commit nefarious activities in this, purchase of weapons, kidnapping, drug supply, smuggling, weapons, etc. And illegal work of every kind is done. In the dark web, there is also a murderer of rent who takes the blood of innocent people by taking money.

Nobody knows the people working in it because the IP is hidden in it, so no one knows who is using it and where. You know what the dark web is. Now you know how to access the dark web.

How to access Dark Web?

To access the dark web, you have to have a link to the website, and if you have a link, you can still use it as a normal browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. But you can not access the tor browser for this, and you can install tor browser on the computer, the interface of tor browser is like a common browser, it is specially made for the dark web, you can access any dark website by putting a link in it.

I will certainly not recommend you to surf the dark web because surfing the dark web can hack your computer, and this small mistake can cost you your life, and you know that this world Nothing is more valuable than life.

I hope you like this post, and you must have known what the dark web is and how to access it. If you have any question, comment on it, I will try to give you a quick answer. If this post is good, Lagi, then social share to media.

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